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Nowadays, academic writing is becoming very popular and has a great demand. Most scholars are required to write quite a number of academic essays throughout their academic course. At times, this may be very challenging as they are given deadlines and at the same time, they are required to read other items in order to pass their exams.

This has led to the demand of academic writing companies who have realized the need to offer writing services for such companies. These companies offer writing services ranging from writing essays, research proposals and other types of academic `writing. Some companies also offer an avenue for editing for those who want to do their own writing. They hire qualified and professional writers gathered from all fields so as to ensure a client gets exactly what is needed.

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The writers hired by these writing companies can be paid either according to the pages written or the number of words written. This is agreed beforehand by the client and the company. For some companies, the client states the amount he is willing to pay for the writing while for others, there is a standard charge to be paid which is stated in their website. Similarly for the writers, some companies pay a standard fee per page or per the number of words written or they are paid according to what the client has offered to pay.

The costs depend on the type of website and the type of writing done. There are millions and millions of writing companies online. However, there are very few which are legitimate. Some of these companies refuse to pay their writers the amount earned. They give false excuses such as the writing was not what the client wanted. Others ask for money before a writer joins them. Others get clients to pay money but do not provide the writing required.

Others hire unqualified writers and non-professional so that they can pay them a much lesser amount compared to what the client pays. These are all scams which one should avoid. To know legitimate companies, doing a research beforehand is highly recommended. A company with a lot of good reviews and a lot of clients is worth a try.

A good company also does require neither a client nor a writer to pay an amount before joining them. It should also be able to do all types of academic writing. Save time and do other important things by engaging the services of these companies. However, ensure that you get the right company.

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1.We are Kenyan and we know the challenges that Kenyan writers face.
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3.We pay directly to any bank account or MPESA account in Kenya.
4.We pay up to 800/= per page (275 words).
5.Live support to attend to your issues.
6.Bonus scheme for writers with excellent customer ratings.
7.We shield you from dishonest practices


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