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Making money online has become very popular. In Kenya this is no different. Kenyawriting.com offers jobs in Kenya. Anyone who can obtain convenient access to the internet is able to do this job. Online writing jobs have become a great way to make money online. In order to write an article or an essay, a writer is given a topic. The topic may allow the writer to recall facts from memory or use the internet to obtain information.

Due to the fact that most articles are not general knowledge, several writers depend on the internet to acquire the information they need. The internet allows a writer to obtain the required information with ease. The internet also provides knowledge from several different sources. This always proves to be very helpful. However writers at Kenyawriting.com must remember that plagiarized articles are not published.

Handing in plagiarized articles or essays at kenyawriting.com could lead to the termination of a writer’s account. If a writer wants his or her articles published, they have to be originals. No form of plagiarism is tolerated. Here in Kenya, unemployment rates are very high. Many people are unemployed. Freelance writing jobs are available for anyone who has a sharp mind full of innovative ideas. These jobs require people with excellent grammatical skills in the English language.

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However there are several sites that edit the work you have done and inform you of the errors in your work. Many Kenyans have been able to use their writing skills to acquire online writing jobs. It is a means of making money without leaving the house. All you need is a computer and access to the internet. With the increase in the number of cyber cafes, many Kenyans are utilizing the cyber cafes to work or search for work as freelance writers.

However those who have computers in their homes need only access to the internet through technological gadgets like modem or phone lines, are the ones who are doing this writing jobs. In the comfort of your home, you can make up to one thousand Kenya shillings per day. This aspect of article writing is very appealing as the prospect of making approximately one thousand Kenya shillings a day translates into thirty thousand Kenya shillings a month.

To find online writing jobs in Kenya, type online writing jobs in Kenya into any search engine and it will show you which websites offer this service in Kenya. These sites are very convenient because they pay straight into your bank account.

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1.We are Kenyan and we know the challenges that Kenyan writers face.
2.We make weekly payments.
3.We pay directly to any bank account or MPESA account in Kenya.
4.We pay up to 800/= per page (275 words).
5.Live support to attend to your issues.
6.Bonus scheme for writers with excellent customer ratings.
7.We shield you from dishonest practices


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